Cardboard Construction for Kids!

IMG_7926As a previous blog post demonstrates, I am a huge fan of working with cardboard. It is a terrific medium for rapid prototypes and allows kids to experiment, test, make mistakes, and revise with little or no material cost. In that post I mentioned a number of tools and materials that can be used in conjunction with cardboard, but I didn’t elaborate on them as much as I would have liked. I have now had the opportunity to create a few video tutorials, which you can view below.

This first video is about using the MakeDo kits, including free, downloadable models that you can 3D print or laser cut.

The second video is about how cardboard is designed, using flutes, and how to use this design to either provide greater support or flexibility when constructing a project.

Video number three covers various safe tools for cutting cardboard in either straight or curved lines.

Finally, this last video shows you how to use Mr. McGroovy’s Box Rivets, KAM Snaps and a heavy duty hole puncher to make connections with cardboard.

I hope to add more videos to this playlist in the future. Here is a direct link to the Cardboard Construction for Kids! playlist. Is there a topic missing that you would recommend?

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