This list of resources will continue to grow over time. It is a collection of tools, websites, materials, tutorials and other helpful places I use and encourage others to visit in the pursuit of learning, for students, educators, and parents. While most of these resources are free, I have included some commercial products that I have found particularly valuable. These are indicated by a $ sign at the end of their description.

Table-Top Tips (Various Topics)
I use these tips in class for students to have as support materials while they are learning various tools. Table-Top Tips are not designed to be the single source of information, but rather as a follow-up to reference something taught in class, or to discover a new technique or best practice. Here are my current Table-Top Tips in PDF format:

2D design
Gravit Designer Video Tutorials: Gravit Designer is a web-based vector graphics program. It is also available for download to Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome OS. There is a free version as well as a pro version, and education pricing is available upon request.

3D design and printing
Tinkercad Video Tutorials: This is a series I developed soon after the new version of Tinkercad arrived in 2015. I continue to add to this set as new features are released and have also included mini walk-throughs on how to design specific types of objects.

ViewSTL: This is a web-based tool for quickly seeing a 3D file in .STL format. I use it to calculate the volume of a 3D object, which has been helpful for math teachers when using 3D design to teach volume.

Cardboard Construction for Kids
This youtube playlist is designed primarily for my classroom. However, the contents are generic enough to apply to anyone that is using cardboard in the classroom for construction of models and prototypes.

Design Thinking
Extraordinaires Design Studio: This is one of my favorite resources to introduce Design Thinking to students of all ages. It shifts the empathy piece to fictional characters, something that is often easier for the younger students to grasp. There are various packages available for purchase. $

City X Project: This free Design Thinking activity takes students through the design of solutions for citizens of the fictional City X, located on a distant planet. Resources include an entire teacher’s guide, along with character cards, student workbooks, Prezi presentation materials and video.

The Wallet Project: A classic, this project walks learners through the Design Thinking Process in the act of creating a solution (the ideal wallet) for someone else. For kids, this project works well when changing the wallet to a backpack.

LEDCalc: When working with students on smaller electronics projects that involve powering an LED, this tool helps to understand the wiring, voltage and resistor requirements for different scenarios. Do you need to power three LEDs with a 9V battery? This tool will show you how to wire it and indicate what resistance you need to add.

Hummingbird Robotics Video Tutorials: This is a series of video tutorials I created for the Hummingbird DUO and CREATE Labs Visual Programmer.


Do you have a resource in any of these areas that you can recommend? Please leave a comment below.

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