Add a Little Life to Light

I enjoy including light into just about any project I create. There's something innately beautiful about the presence of light, possibly because without it we have no color. More specifically, I'm referring to the subtle use of light, whether that is something found in a photograph, a painting, or another work of art. And, I... Continue Reading →

When 3D Printing Comes to the Rescue

In preparation for the March for Our Lives, in Los Angeles, my daughter and her friends designed signs to carry while on the march. Having gone through two Women's Marches in the past using signs with sloppy supporting posts that didn't last, we needed to develop a more effective solution to hold the signs for... Continue Reading →

Autonomous Vehicle Design

Self-driving cars are all over the news these days. They had a big showing at CES in Las Vegas this year, as this article from Forbes describes. As with any emerging technology, the utility for it changes as advancements are made and we begin to see new uses that would not have been available were... Continue Reading →

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