Learn to Design in Tinkercad

I often struggle with not finding enough time in the period, the day, the semester, to provide enough instruction where needed. Take, for instance, the teaching of 3D design. For the most part, students can handle a small bit of direction and with that take off running. But to indeed gain mastery, more time and in my opinion more resources, are necessary. Malcolm Gladwell is known for promoting the 10,000 rule when it comes to mastery of a subject. And while recent studies may contradict this theory, it seems natural that the more time you have to engage in the learning of any subject matter or skill, the more equipped you will be.

To assist students in furthering their study of 3D design, I created a series of instructional videos and posted them to youtube. This Tinkercad Playlist takes learners from the very basics of design, navigating the Tinkercad interface, through a variety of tools such as alignment, mirroring, subtraction and the use of the shape generators. This playlist is entirely open, and I have enjoyed hearing from Tinkercad users from the outside world who use it to brush up on their personal 3D design skills.

If you find these tutorials useful in your learning, please leave a comment. Is there something you want to learn about Tinkercad that I didn’t cover in my videos? If so, please let me know below.

Learn Tinkercad

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